On November 12, 2009 Laura presented a 3-hour workshop as an Introduction to Mediation to the Village of Park Forest.  Here are some of the comments from participants:

Question: What did you find most effective about this workshop?

"Hands on approach - class participation."
"This was new to me and I thoroughly enjoyed this time."
"The process clearly defined and tips on how to make the process effective."
"The concepts were presented in a concrete and structured manner that was easy to communicate and remember."
"The whole presentation."
"I liked the group exercises and the instructor was energetic."
"New ideas/methods to mediation."

On September 27, 2007 Laura co-presented on What Survivors Need to Know about Mediation to the Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women's Network. Here are some of the comments from participants:

Question: How much of the presented materials represented new concepts and/or new approaches on existing concepts?

"All of them"
"There was a lot of information that was new to me."
"This presentation was excellent because of the fact that I was not aware of any of this. All of this information is new."

Question: Specific feedback for Laura L. Noah as a presenter.

"You were very clear in your explanation and refrained from using 'big words.'
"Well presented."
"Appreciated her honesty about how the system works -- straight forward approach and very knowledgeable."

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