Recommendations by other Professionals

“Laura Noah has a gift for helping individuals resolve disputes. She couples a calm demeanor with a dedication to deal with difficult issues, ultimately successfully managing emotional situations with ease. I have worked with Laura in a number of contexts from program development, training design, and direct mediation services. In all contexts, Laura is a master.”

-Alyson Carrel, Training Director, Center for Conflict Resolution
worked directly with Laura

“I have observed Laura in mediation simulations and found her to be an excellent facilitative mediator. She conducted the simulations as well as I have ever seen it done and displayed all the qualities of an experienced, expert mediator. Laura also was the instructor in a specialized mediation training that I attended on LGBT couples disputes and displayed outstanding qualities in organization, presentation and substantive knowledge.”

-Jill S. Tanz, Partner, Chicago Mediation LLC
was with another company when working with Laura

“Laura did an amazing job for RSI on several levels. She was a skilled communicator who was able to inspire judges and others to undertake mediation programs. Her ability to communicate and her competence instilled trust both in her and in RSI. She was also very knowledgeable, patient and organized in her assistance to courts as they moved forward with their programs. Laura's character is also a tremendous asset. She is dedicated, mature, hardworking, and a great team member. She approaches every task with skill, competence and a positive attitude.”

-Jennifer Shack , Director of Research , Resolution Systems Institute worked directly with Laura at Resolution Systems Institute 

“Laura Noah has wide-ranging knowledge of the mediation field and is the epitome of diligence, creativity and forthrightness in her work. I had the pleasure of working with Laura for the two years she ran the Statewide Mediation Access Project for Resolution Systems Institute where I am Executive Director. Judges, lawyers and court administrators all across Illinois trusted Laura to advise them on the intricacies of developing mediation programs to serve poor and low-income disputants. RSI’s loss of Laura due to the state budget crisis that cut funding for her position, will no doubt be someone else’s celebrated gain!”

-Susan Yates , Executive Director , Resolution Systems Institute managed Laura at Resolution Systems Institute

“During the three years, in which I supervised Laura, she proved to be smart, intellectually curious, and unusually creative and showed significant leadership potential which grew with time. Laura took over a failing Peer Mediation program and was instrumental in growing and coordinating a Student Conflict Resolution Experts (SCORE) program, which involved training and supervising youth as peer mediators using a youth development model, working on logistics with the school administration, creating written materials, tracking the program’s progress, submitting reports and assisting the Director in compiling statistical information for yearly grants. Additionally, she mediated and trained mediators for the adult Metropolitan Mediation Services program. I am familiar with her excellent family mediation skills as well as her exceptional abilities to train individuals and groups in Conflict Resolution. I would highly recommend her for all types of mediation work.”

-Joan Sokoloff , Social Worker-Mediator , Brookline Community Mental Health Center managed Laura at Metropolitan Mediation Services

“I had the pleasure of observing Laura, and more importantly the results of her work, while she worked on behalf of RSI (Resolution Systems Institute). She very effectively, through out Illinois (outside of Chicago), pulled people and ideas together to start up new mediation programs involving delivery of legal services to under represented people of limited means. Unfortunately, although some of the projects were brought to fruition (such as the McLean Circuit Court program), and others were just about ready to get fully on track, the financial problems of the State of Illinois caused the abrupt termination of funding for the program and therefore the program itself.”

-Kent Lawrence , Member-Partner , Lawrence, Kamin, Saunders and Uhlenhop, LLC was with another company when working with Laura at Resolution Systems Institute

“Laura Noah is very committed and thorough in her work in alternative dispute resolution. She is analytical, reflective and generates a lot of positive energy in the workplace. Laura has many years of experience as a mediator, trainer and program developer working both in Massachusetts and the Midwest. Not only do I recommend Laura, I look forward and hope to continue working with her in the future.”

-Roy Maddock , Bilingual Manager of Mediation Services , Center for Conflict Resolution was at another organization when working with Laura at Noah Mediation Services

“Laura and I worked together to train mediators for a court related mediation program. She is very efficient, very team oriented and very professional and reliable—she will get whatever job she commits to done right.”

-Michael Nathanson, Adjunct Professor of Law, Loyola and Kent Law Schools worked directly with Laura

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