Domestic Violence & Mediation

Domestic violence affects everyone.  Noah Mediation Services understands the serious nature of domestic violence for court-related family disputes.

Noah Mediation Services Understands that:

  • Some cases are not appropriate for mediation;
  • There are always two sides to every story;
  • Although less frequent, it is possible for men to be survivors of domestic violence;
  • Domestic violence does occur in some same-sex and/or LGBTQ relationships;
  • Domestic violence involves cycles of power and control.
  • Domestic violence is not an anger management problem or caused by substance abuse, although substance abuse may exacerbate it;
  • Illinois courts allow for some exceptions to mandated mediation in cases where there has been domestic violence; and
  • It is often difficult to get an order for mandated mediation dismissed by a judge on the basis of domestic violence exceptions.

Noah Mediation Services employs a standard protocol for all family cases which includes:

  • A required, confidential questionnaire be completed by all parties and discussed in person in private with the mediator;
  • A one-hour private meeting with both parties prior to bringing them together in mediation;
  • The use of shuttle mediation when necessary (the mediator shuttles between the parties, bringing information back and forth to them but keeping them in separate rooms);
  • Exceptions to mediator confidentiality which include any threats of imminent harm made by either party being shared with the party to whom the threat was made; and
  • Experience in safely terminating mediation when necessary.

Laura L. Noah has been 40-hour trained on domestic violence dynamics by the Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women's Network.  She has also presented on the topic of mediation and domestic violence to mediators, domestic violence advocates, and domestic violence survivors.

See also FAQ's and Resources for more information regarding domestic violence and mediation.

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