Supervised Visitation: An Article in the New York Times

There was an interesting article in today's New York Times: In Custody Fights, A Hurdle for the Poor by Leslie Kaufman (April 8, 2007). The article describes the obstacles parents face when they've been ordered to have supervised visitation with their children. The author discusses the ways in which this is particularly challenging for parents with less financial means given that most supervised visitation centers charge fees for their services.

Having worked within the court system for a period of time, I can understand and appreciate the need for supervised visitation in some cases. I also get that this can be a difficult process for both parents and children. Unfortunately, there just aren't enough existing supervised visitation centers, and friends and family members are rarely equipped to serve in this capacity.

Hopefully Kaufman's article will bring greater awareness to this issue, perhaps resulting in the allocation of funds to provide more options for safe and consistent visitation between parents and children.

By Laura L. Noah
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