Custom-Made Workshops for Businesses & Organizations

If you are looking for a custom-made conflict resolution workshop to be provided to employees, please contact Noah Mediation Services to discuss details. 

Some examples of potential topics include:

  • Schools seeking assistance with conflict resolution including Peer Mediation and Restorative Justice

  • Businesses and other organizations seeking to improve the conflict resolution and/or negotiation skills of supervisors

  • Community organizations wishing to improve or add mediation services

  • Conflict resolution training for police departments.

If you are interested in a unique conflict resolution related workshop that would meet your organization's specific needs, contact NMS at:

Presentations are being planned on the following topics to take place outside of Noah Mediation Services' office, often in collaboration with other individuals & organizations:

  • LGBTQ/Same-sex mediation and domestic violence training for mediators & attorneys in collaboration with The Center on Halsted.

  • Presentations on mediation to various domestic violence organizations and advocates.

  • Presentation to mediators on collaborating with domestic violence organizations around safely providing divorce, custody, visitation, and other family mediation services.

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