FAQ's - Domestic Violence

Do you mediate when there has been domestic violence?

Laura L. Noah has completed the Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network 40-hour domestic violence training. She is well-trained in screening for domestic violence and in making decisions about the appropriateness of mediation and in keeping the mediation process safe for everyone. In some instances, shuttle mediation (where the mediator meets with each person privately, “shuttling” the information between them) may be appropriate and may be a better alternative than the courts. Under other circumstances, mediation may not be appropriate.

Laura L. Noah has also presented on mediation to domestic violence survivors and advocates.  Her most recent presentation was through the Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women's Network Training Institute.

Where can I go if my spouse, partner, or lover is abusing me physically, psychologically, and/or emotionally?

There are some excellent resources in the area that assist victims and survivors of domestic violence with anything from obtaining orders of protection to representation in contested custody cases.  There are also organizations that offer support groups.  If you think what you are experiencing is domestic violence but are not sure, consider contacting one of these organizations.  They will be able to answer any questions you may have and will provide you with appropriate referrals.  Click on resources for more information.

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