Special Note

As of May 6, 2013, Noah Mediation Services only accepts private mediation cases on a limited basis.  Combined income must be under $30,000/year if there are no children or under $50,000/year if there are children. Clients must be seeking a divorce with or without children.


If you are going through a divorce, you are likely overtired, distraught, concerned about finances, and worried about the well-being of your children. You may be getting sick a lot, preferring to stay in bed than dealing with the world, spending all of your time on the phone or in court, or fed up and frustrated with trying to negotiate with your spouse. It might be difficult to concentrate on work, running errands, keeping your home clean, or paying the bills. Perhaps you are short-tempered with others like friends and family, your spouse, or maybe even your children. As terrible as this all feels, it is a natural response to divorce.

Divorce is hugely disruptive to anyone's life, even if you are the one seeking it.

At a time when everything feels out of control, mediation is a process that allows you to remain in charge. You and your spouse determine who gets what property, what to do with your home, when each of you will spend time with the children, and what decisions you'd like to make regarding your children's future. Perhaps most importantly, your time and money become invested in a process that is less adversarial than court, allowing for closure and an amicable end to your romantic relationship while preserving a parenting relationship if you have children together.

Some examples of Issues that can be resolved in Divorce Mediation include:

• Physical Custody/Primary Residency
• Legal Custody (decision making in education, religion & health)
• Parenting time including a weekly schedule, holidays, vacations, & summer
• Transportation responsibilities
• Decisions around children's college
• Division of property including the marital home and belongings
• Division of assets including retirement savings, checking & savings accounts, stocks and bonds
• Decisions around repayment of debts
• Ownership of business
• Health insurance for children
• Maintenance (also known as alimony)
• Allocation of time-shares or vacation homes
• Improving methods of communication

NMS also strives to minimize the impact of conflict on children by educating parents, improving communication, and working with the voluntary process of mediation to develop a parenting agreement that would best meet each individual family's needs.

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