Conflict Coaching

If you're having a conflict with someone who is not willing to sit down with you and a third party, you can still benefit from the intervention of a conflict resolution professional.

Conflict Coaching allows you the opportunity to discuss, analyze and strategize regarding the conflict you are facing.  A Noah Mediation Services professional will meet with you privately and assist you in the process of approaching conflict in a healthy manner.  While Noah Mediation Services cannot guarantee resolution of your conflict, we can provide you with tools to better approach this and future conflicts through personal conflict coaching.

Sliding Scale Fee
Income under $35, 000/year the cost is $25/hour
Income between $35,00/year and $60,000/year the cost is $50/hour
Income between $60,000 and $85,000/year the cost is $100/hour
Income above $85,000/year the cost is $200/hour

Process: After a quick 15 minute free consultation, you may schedule a one-hour conflict coaching session.  You may continue to schedule sessions for as long as they are useful to you.

Because mediation requires impartiality, once you have begun conflict coaching, Noah Mediation Services will not talk with or meet the other party to your conflict nor will we mediate your dispute.

Noah Mediation Services
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