Important Note Regarding Private Mediation Services

Laura L. Noah will no longer be accepting private mediation cases with a few limited exceptions

Laura will continue to provide all other services such as presentations and workshops, training, teaching, and program development. Additionally, Laura is offering a new service called Conflict Coaching. Conflict Coaching allows one party to a conflict to receive guidance and coaching on how they might approach a conflict with another person. Unlike in mediation, Laura only ever meets with the initiating party and never meets with both parties together.

Welcome to Noah Mediation Services

Are you experiencing conflict that's making you feel stuck?
Do you feel like you have no control over what happens next?  Would you like to have a say in how your conflict is resolved?

Noah Mediation Services specializes in disputes involving couples and families.  Click here for more information.

Mediation May be an Appropriate Way of Resolving Your Dispute if You Want Any or All of the Following:

  • The potential to save time by resolving the dispute more quickly than in court
  • The potential to save money since mediation is usually less expensive than litigation
  • The option (but not required) to address any emotions that the dispute has caused
  • The opportunity to remain in control of the outcome of the dispute rather than having a solution imposed upon you
  • A process that is confidential
  • A process that positively sustains long-term relationships
  • An opportunity to resolve things in a non-adversarial manner
  • A process by which to bring family together
  • An opportunity for children to have a voice without being placed in the middle of conflict

Noah Mediation Services is distinguished from other private mediation practices by offering mediation services exclusively. This means that the services we provide, our training, and our professional development, places mediation first always. With Noah Mediation Services there are no ambiguous roles, blurred interests, or divided attentions.  100% of our services are mediation services.

While most mediators have entered the field through other professions, such as attorneys and therapists, Noah Mediation Services is owned by Laura L. Noah who has a Master of Arts degree in Dispute Resolution.  Laura has been working in the field of conflict resolution for over a decade, bringing a unique combination of conflict resolution skills and education to Oak Park and Chicagoland. 

Click here to read more about the mediation process at Noah Mediation Services.

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